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Welcome to my portfolio!

Click on a button below to be directed to that section of my portfolio, I have found this to be the best way for people to see photos in their area of their enquiry. All of these galleries are just some of my favourite photos from the shoot as the full albums have been delivered to that client personally.


 Unfortunately, lockdown put me in a bit of a pickle and all of my shoots had to be cancelled which means that my experience isn't where it could be. As a student and a young photographer, many people will overlook my talent but I guarantee you won't be disappointed and I would be so grateful for the opportunity. 

wedding section

Category : Wedding and Elopements

So, your getting married? I want to capture all of those magical moments between you and your partner - this doesn't only include weddings, it could be a surprise proposal or maybe your eloping! All of these are things that are a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience that deserves to be photographed your way. If I am your photographer, I want to take pictures of everything including those finer details because I understand how much thought went in to every single element. I will be just as exited about your wedding as you are because I love all things lovey dovey!

portrait section

Category : Portrait Sessions

When you book a portrait session with me I offer a range of packages to suit everyone, but my end goal is to help you feel confident and beautiful. A typical portrait session on location lasts up to two hours which gives us plenty of time to create amazing photographs. Most of my clients tend to go for the Instagram package, this is an extended session where you have multiple outfit changes and therefore a variety of photos to share across your social media platforms. Seen something on Pinterest you like? Don't feel restricted by my photography style, I love to hear your ideas and in the end I want to produce photos for you that will put a smile on your face :)

_DSC7725 (1).jpg
studio section

Category : Studio Photography

Unlike the rest, a studio session is a much more of a collaborative space, I love to work with other creators to bring an idea to life using the skillset of the team. This is the perfect option for you if your looking for something on the creative side, some of the concepts my clients have approached me with were so fun to do! Likewise, studio shoots are a great choice for anybody looking to get headshots or photos in a professional space. 


Category : Family and Lifestyle 

Do you want some updated photos with the family? This section includes all things family based as well as sessions that have been focused on lifestyle in general for my clients to put up around their homes! During these sessions, it is really important to me to capture those authentic and natural moments for you - photos that you will genuinely love to put up on the wall. Family is such a precious thing to me and that's one of the reasons why I take my time getting to know the individuals as much as possible, finding out how they bond and what they love to do together. Many of my clients will tell you I basically know their whole life story!

family section
couple section

Category : Couple Sessions

Right, so it's time to get some proper photos of you and your partner. You don't have to be models to be a picture-perfect couple, I want to capture you both in your element and give you a gallery of photos that you will instantly fall in love with. Couple sessions are one of the reasons why photography has the ability to tell a story and I can't wait to share yours! I tend to go for a naturalistic, modern and timeless photographic style leaving you with loving images you can keep for a long time :)

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