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Devon based Photographer


How it all started

I was first introduced to photography when I was growing up in Germany and got a point-and-shoot camera that I took with me absolutely everywhere. When I moved back to my family hometown in Devon, it was like I was going back to my roots when I started photography again. 

In my spare time, I love to organise fun and exiting shoots with friends and family to test out new concepts, locations, lighting methods and just to all around improve the service  can offer. I have taught myself all there is to know about photography and invested into upgrading my equipment to the industry standard - best decision I've ever made! Fast forward a couple of years, I have received my extended diploma  and am now looking forward to what the future has in store for my little business. 

My Style and Growth

Photography has shaped me as a person, I used to hate being independent and going on walks and now I cherish those moments alone on the coast. I dabble in all sorts of styles because I don't want to bind myself to a single outlet, I want to capture every moment of my shoot in a naturalistic way to give that timeless feel to my client. I love working with a team of creatives to bring an idea to life, the same as I enjoy spending time with a lovey-dovey couple in the fields taking photos. The best part about my job is not only am I living my dream, but I am also able to connect with my clients to help them feel confident and beautiful. 

My interests outside photography

Believe it or not, I haven't devoted my time to photography alone... I can be terrible at managing my time in the evenings because I love to wind down by bingeing a good Netflix series, who doesn't? I am obsessed with surfing and all things at the beach, rain or shine, a swim in the sea along the Devon coastline always hits the spot. 



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